Paraty Isometric Scenery

I have always wanted to start to work as a 2D artist for game concepts, so, last year I made a digital painting study of a isometric scenery of Paraty City in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I never did a isometric illustration before, so it was such a challenge. It took me some time, but I learned a lot with this study. I was really glad with the final result, the colors are loyal with the real city.

I tried to give a feel like it would be a game scenery concept of a really beautiful e colorful city with so much history, just like you could play on it. It was really amazing to recreate this city like this, because its colors and nature are really live.

It was all made in Adobe Photoshop, using an isometric grid as a base for the constructions e perspective of all objects. So I created each house separately so I could move it easily using path tool. To create the shadows and lightnings, I created a different layer for each pach, all made by digital painting using different brushes. And for final retouches, some layers with colors in overlay mode.

People in Brazil almost instantly, recognized the city, and they felt like they were playing a game witch was my intention. I was invited for Adobe to be the Artist of the weed on their Facebook Page, and thousand likes in some illustration pages too. It was really unexpected and amazing reactions!

Cindy Nakashima

Illustrator 2D, and partner at Maquinário Laboratório Criativo and Madpix Game Studio.