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Paris Apartment in 2015 by  Nguyen Ba Dung

Paris Apartment in 2015 by Nguyen Ba Dung

Honey Adraque
May 17, 2015

Paris offers luxury apartment rentals for your vacation in France. Discover our hand-picked Paris apartment in today's feature, designed by Nguyen Ba Dung, an Architecture graduate from Vietnam. Let us take a look at his designs and be inspired with its look. Feel free to share and enjoy!

About " Paris Apartment " scene:
I was inspired by the great French interior designer : Francois Champsaur and I made this scene based on one of his work : The Trocadero. I like the space he created and how " he plays with light and volume, and completes the set with both elegant and contemporary furniture and fabrics". I was trying to recreate and experiment myself on lighting, materials and composition on this scene. Reproduce them with photorealistic look and put my mood on it. I used 3ds Max to modeling and texturing. Lighting and materials with Vray. And Post production in Photoshop. This is so much fun and excitement playing with different experiments and I think I will have more stuff for my students in the upcoming courses :)
- Nguyen Ba Dung













About Nguyen Ba Dung

Nguyen Ba Dung graduated from National University of Civil Engineering, Hanoi, Vietnam in 2011, majoring in Architecture. But back in the day, his passion was 3D Graphics and he took a lot of time to study and train himself. He started learning 3ds Max in 2008 when he was a sophomore and he learnt a lot during that time from modeling, texturing, lighting and animation. Apart from that, he was really interested in digital paintings and he did a lot with his Intous 4. He trained himself and gained plentiful of knowledge and skills about composition, lighting and color from that and that affected how he did his work. He thinks about them like paintings. After graduating, he had worked for 4 companies before he founded his own studio. You can find more of  his works on his Behance profile or website.

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