Parish Church in Gubin

Parish Church in Gubin was one of the biggest gothic temples in Lower Lusatia. Destroyed during the II World War never regained its former glory. Gubin which is one of the twin cities Gubin-Guben strongly cooperates with the German part. There is a need to initiate a cultural center, which can connect small concert hall, art gallery, and library at the top.

The main idea was a reconstruction of the roof, but not as a brick covering but as a semi-transparent glass, which can partly show the construction. Three levels of the interior could be based on the tall, steel pillars, which as trees would widen upwards. The same construction can create a wing-like canopy. It would be a small salute for gothic tradition. White wings easily shade the library and made the whole construction very gentle.

I built the whole model in ArchiCAD using elements from SketchUp. I made renderings in Atlantis and in ArchiCAD, depends on interior or exterior view. Post production was made in Photoshop. Beautiful textures and png files I found on the website :

The main challenge was to create an independent structure that does not use Gothic walls. That’s why the same construction which holds the slabs also is holding the weight of the glass roof. The second problem was how to plan a concert hall in the gothic interior, which has the very narrow main aisle. As a result I planned three levels of the audience, where only one is directly linked to ground floor level.

Justyna Cichosz

Master student in Cracow. I spent 4 months in Vienna working in architectural office. Love to travel. Next step is moving to Budapest at fall. Beyond architecture I love to try new things and cook.