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Sena Babacan
September 19, 2017
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It is a personal project. The idea came out from my siblings' childhood's video recordings.
I watched the videos after a long time. One of them is about me, my sister and brother playing together in a sandbox almost 20 years ago. I made up my mind drawing something about our childhoods in a crowd.
When I started to sketch, surprisingly I can touch my old feelings that I'd experienced.

I had motivation to make something but I didn't know what I should draw. When I started to sketch my siblings, the lines became looking more and more friendly to me. Enlightment of the relations between me and what I've drawn is so amazing, everytime.

I am in love with the seen that they are playing in a secret place of a whole picture. I sketched my siblings' childhoods in a very basic way. Then, I sketched my cousins' and friends' childhoods for making a crowd in a park.
I used Procreate App with my IpadPro to coloring the final image. I decided a color palet which includes only five color.

It was so good .Altough it was just a little personal project but I had a lot of feedback and received great comments . I learnt that I really love making illustrations and the spirit of an artpiece come from relations between art and artist's experience.

Sena Babacan

Hello, I'm a Istanbul based freelance illustrator. For freelance cases or collaborations, please contact me at: [email protected]

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