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Ludovico Pincini
April 12, 2017
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PasseparTour is a service for travellers who want to share their travel with people they don't know. It helps travel lovers who want to make a long-desired trip or to replace someone who can no longer join a group-trip, or simply want to make the trip with somebody new. The service connects people with similar habits and aims, enhancing the organization before the trip and avoiding waste of money and time.

The main graphic insight (a gradient background ranging from warm yellow to green) was inspired by the sunset. The naming and the logo are inspired by the famous romance "Around the World in 80 days". As a matter of fact, PasseparTour is a combination between the name of one of the protagonists and the word "tour".

The app screens are designed in Illustrator with a rigid grid of 6 colums each. After, the exports from illustrator have been uploaded on Invision and linked together to simulate the user experience. For the presentation of the project I used some mockups realized in photoshop.

The whole project is user centered. At the beginning of the project I made several interviews to understand the main issues people have while organizing a travel, which are: organizational slowliness, very low collaboration between companions, and arguments about anything. Then I used those insights in order to fulfill people's expectations.

Ludovico Pincini

Communication designer and art director.
I'm really keen on graphics and visual design in general. Trying to achieve perfection in everything I do.

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