The reference and the character of the model were what drew me to create this image. I love drawing him, and always seem to get a lot of inspiration looking at him, so this was perfect. I drew it in pencil and then used pen and marker to bring out the more striking elements on his hair and around his eyes. To me, the eyes were the most important part, and I liked how the paleness of his eyes contrasted with the red makeup around them.

I really like drawing work that is black, white, and red. The pen and marker bring out the key elements the best to me, and make me able to focus on the parts I want to. I was torn whether to make his eyes dark or light because I feel they would both have different impacts.

I used pencil, pen, and markers to create this. I started out drawing it with mechanical pencil, then outlined parts of it with the pen and used marker to bring out his eyes. The hair over his face is a mixture of pen and marker and was added last so I could get the rest of his face drawn and make them more accurate.

Response to this depended on the site, really. On some sites, it sort of just fell by the roadside, but on others it got some positive comments and feedback. The lack of any response made me think i should post a version with dark eyes, but well, I don’t want to.

Elizabeth Hinders

My name is Elizabeth Hinders and I come from Kettering, Ohio, near Dayton. Right now, I live in an apartment with my mother and four animals, two dogs and two cats. My art mostly stems from a need to express myself in healthy ways, emotionally and physically. I started taking art seriously in 2009 with photomanipulations, and have since started learning digital painting and darkroom photography. Now I work at Goodwill in the back room, and create in my free time.