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Pathfinders - Creative Nomads Website

Pathfinders - Creative Nomads Website

Pathfinders Creative Nomads
May 3, 2017
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The Pathfinders, Creative Nomads it's a Freelance Design Agency founded by the Portuguese Design duo Eduardo Morais Araújo & Gonçalo Branco. After the creation of the brand, we made the website for the company. The idea was to build a responsive website that would work perfectly in any screen resolution and explains the concept of the company introducing our services, portfolio among other things. To complement the website, the main platform of pathfinders, we also created several social media networks to fit different areas of the business and like this have a bigger engagement with potential followers and travellers and clients around the world.

Having a strong brand is good but we needed a strong online platform to share our skills, projects, adventures and all content related to Pathfinders so creating a website ended to be the best solution. The excellent user experience, is unique design and creative navigation give to users a really nice experience when navigating trough the website.

1. First we made brainstorming to understand what kind of information we image to be represented on the website.
2. Second we working on this information and gathered the useful for the business at the moment.
3. Next we made the information architecture of the website to understand how many screens would be necessary and what content should be in each.
4. Then the user experience, where we try to understand how the user will interact with the website. The idea is to create the best usability being easy to find the contents we pretend clients and followers to see. We make a prototype in Axure RP to have a real look of the interaction.
5. The funny part of transforming the prototype into Photoshop files. The challenge is to make every detail of the website pixel perfect is a good look and feel of the information.
6. When the design if finish we export all the assets necessary to insert later on the website html.
7. The coding were we is really important to follow the guidelines of the website to the look and feel is the same. I used Sublime text software to code this website.

People loved the user experience and navigation of the website. A clean communication and a good design made it easy to understand what's the main goal of the website and it's propose. The users also said that was really easy and intuitive to navigate thought the sections of the website. Those more focused on travel and adventure appreciated the idea of having a map saying which countries the Pathfinders have visited, a promotional video and several social networks with relevant content. Those more into the business and design industry enjoyed the beautiful portfolio and the 'get a quote' form.

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Pathfinders Creative Nomads

The Pathfinders, Creative Nomads it's a Freelance Design Agency founded by the Portuguese Design duo Eduardo Morais Araújo & Gonçalo Branco. The project name it's chosen after the historical overseas findings of the Portuguese sailors who inspired us in our world journey. The Pathfinders are committed in creating custom design solutions and building a network of nomad professionals that can help local and remote businesses grow.

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