Project starts with inspiration of Peter Lindbergh – Walking
I am a lot influenced by photographers like Helmut Newton, Peter Lindberg, Mathieu Cesar.
I always use my camera as an tool to talk with people and get to know what interesting them, what they have inside, my work is to show how people represent themselves. I am mostly interested in people, their story, their life. More than taking a portrait, I like to meet them and the photography is a bit the last step.
I just start to make my fashion portfolio my dream is to make photography for magazines and specifically for one – Vogue

To be honest, I have to say what everybody thinks, things are just too beautiful in black and white! But being serious, I feel that it shows emotions in a clear way, feelings are more obvious. Colours reflect reality as black and white are more like a dream to me.

Fujifilm XT-1 camera and combined it with old M42 lens Pentacon 50mm 1,8
it is an old lens so there is no auto focusing available.
Editing – Adobe Lightroom
I think it’s going to be pretty hard to answer this one. I don’t know, I have no rules regarding photography, but I am surprisingly very classic in my choices.

That was hard work for me . I have two different points of view in my photography. I love street photography, taking snapshots in a second, an action, but I’m also into portraits a lot. There is a lot of people in my pictures surrounding me, my best girlfriend, my family and unknowing people on the streets.

The team I worked with on this project:
Model: Paweł Bąkowski
Stylist: Patryk Stróżyk
Clothes: Strozyk-Mode / Zara

Peter Seyna

The young Polish photographer based in Poznań, Poland.
Specializing in fashion and portrait photography.