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Payin' Festival Application

Payin' Festival Application

Dennis van der Graaf
August 8, 2017
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Payin’ is an app about paying and ordering at festivals. It makes the payment easier and more convenient at your favorite festival. The idea started with the irritation people were having while having to wait long for drinks and other lines at different festivals around the country.

The idea was founded by the irritation as a problem that needed to be solved. A lot of festivals had interest and we had to move fast. We came up with a system that would help the festival and give easy access for the customers. They could order the drinks beforehand and it generated a QR code which they could use as a receipt at the bar. The reason I chose a light theme is that at festivals a lot of the time it is dark and I wanted everything to be clear. The colors were decided and I chose a very bright color for action buttons to make the app more user-friendly. With a nice google font and some cheeky shadows, the app became more intuitive for the users.

The tools that were being used during the course of this project were Sketch and a bit of Photoshop. I started with research on the different payment applications such as PayPal, Barclays and some dutch banks. From there I started to work my way up. I started with the main screen and divided the information as a priority. Everything that wasn't either a priority or didn't need a click through was hidden and not shown on the screen. I did chose to add an account, because it is indeed about money and people feel more secure entering a code and seeing your own face afterwards.

The things I learned from this project is that it is valuable to keep in touch with the technical side of a project. In this case, we are talking about banks and cash flows. Maybe even different Valuta, that's why it was crucial to see what the technical side could make and what was just too expensive. We left out a few features at this point, like being able to buy for your friends and making a group chat. We simplified the app and held the core business. The focus was on the transactions. The project was picked up quite well by the audience as I presented a clickable prototype. We never got around to actual coding part due to some issues. Which was unfortunate, but I learned a lot during this project that I picked up on my own.

If you would like to reach out to me, feel free to do so.
You can find the clickable prototype here:

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Dennis van der Graaf

I am a 21-year-old UX Designer based in Rotterdam, a fresh graduate with one year experience at design agencies. Currently looking for a job as a Junior Designer.
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