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Peace and Love Fun Run T Shirt Design

Peace and Love Fun Run T Shirt Design

Garrett Weems
January 11, 2017
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This design is a project I have been working on for a client of ours for a screen printing job. With this being screen printed I knew from the start the design could only have 2 printed colors (at the clients request) this keeps the cost down. Only being able to use 2 colors added a little bit of a challenge but I overcame that with the use of halftone dots to give it the illusion that there are more than two printed colors.

The theme for this event is "Peace, Love, & Running" and the client also gave me a very basic drawing of what was invisioned for the shirts so I didn't exactly have to start from scratch on this one. I never really had this design completely thought out before I started working on it. The artwork just started to fall into place as I worked on it, one idea let to the next.
It began with the 1960's lettering, that led me to the heart, that led me to the texture. It just came together.
The absolute biggest challange with this was that the client wanted all 53 of the teachers names incorporated into the shirt somehow. This had me stumped trying to figure out how to put so many names into the design without it looking completely terrible. Eventually I had things figured out and really loving how this one came out. Now I just can't wait to print them!

I started this design in illustrator with the 1960's style font then switched over to my iPad and used the Apple Pencil and the app Procreate to clean up the letters and get them formed just right. After I got the letters fixed up I moved back over to illustrator to finish the rest of the shapes / line work. After that was completed I opened everything up in photoshop to give it that last little bit of work it needed to become a great design, the texture!

Our client was very pleased with the artwork and if the client is happy, I'm happy.
This is actually our 2nd year designing/ printing the shirts for this event making the whole process really smooth the 2nd go around.
Now I'm just anxiously waiting for the event so we can do the 2nd half of the work, the printing.

Garrett Weems

19 year graphic design artist/ commercial screen printer.

I started my company Prism Designs a little over a year ago in my moms garage and now we have a shop with three employees and things couldn't be better! I love what I do!

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