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Peacocks Coffee Roasters

Peacocks Coffee Roasters

Rafael Maia
June 22, 2017
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Peacocks be a specialty coffee roastery founded by brothers Riccardo and Matteo Pavoni. Based on Italy, Peacocks coffee roasters begin with the aim of discovering and roast the most distinctive and diverse specialty grade coffees.

Result of years of passion and experience acquire in a long journey through Europe, Peacocks Coffee Roasters is unique. In addition the product is roasted in Italy, and in contrast to the traditional Italian style.

The client sought something that would visually translate the exclusivity of the product, differentiating it from other players, conveying the uniqueness and singularity of its product. We needed to create a brand that had the peacock ("Pavoni" in Italian) in the cern of the logo.

The objective was to create the logo that would exhibited a peacock as a symbol, one of the most luxuriant animals in nature, but with a flat, clean and minimalist design.

We decided to use an approach based on flat geometry and everything started from a circle. We were drawing other elements, using the Fibonacci sequence as a reference for dimensioning, tilting and positioning.

The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator, as well as the other pieces that make up the visual identity. We also use softwares like Foundry MODO and Adobe Photoshop to create the mockups to present the brand to the client.

The process of creation was long, but the client approved the logo and was happy with the result. The brand is being presented to the public at events throughout Italy and feedback so far has been extremely positive. The experience of having to transform something visually as complex and colorful as a peacock into something simple, flat and monochromatic was very enriching. Long live minimalism.

Practice, exercise creativity, seek your limit. Only then will you realize your full potential.

Rafael Maia

Hi, I'm a brazilian designer and 3D/CGI artist. After studying Computer Science and Marketing and Advertising and working for over 15 years in this area I specialized in Branding and Packaging, and today this shares space with my new passion, 3D/CGI.

Nowadays living in Portugal I work with many companies around the world.

The constant search for high-quality results and a good dose of self-criticism allow me to see in each new project an opportunity to reach a new level.

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