Pégé Church Identity Concept

Pégé is a church organization, separated into three areas of effort; Truth, Journey, and House. Each component has a specific role, all equally important in priority. This project showcases my visual strategy concept in a brand book format. Before any of this, there was plenty of research in the name and its religious affiliation and design semiotics.

Pégé is a Greek word, meaning a fountain or spring. This name is fitting because the word’s affiliation with Christianity. In the Old Testament, water was scarce and was mentioned often. Several prophets predicted droughts as punishments from God. Rainfall was a sign of God’s favor and goodness. In the New Testament, it is connected with the gift of eternal life. But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. -Revelation 21:6

The design kept in mind the current strengths in contemporary church branding/design, which somewhat guided the overall style of the identity. The main logo is in grayscale for branding flexibility while each division is a specific color, to organize the efforts of the church.

I started out with a lot of sketches, but most of the work was done in Illustrator and organized in InDesign. The book photography was manipulated through Photoshop. When experimenting with the iconography, I took the basic shape from a sketch and repeated it to create over 75 different symbols of the same style. Each symbol was made up almost-entirely by one shape. I started with the Pégé logotype and intended to keep it a wordmark, to build the components around it. I optimized the clearspace for each mark After designing the main logo and the supporting symbols/wordmarks, I experimented with how I could brand the symbols through patterns and in different compositions.

Only a small audience has been able to give their direct feedback, but all comments were positive. This project was very satisfying to me, personally, because I know all the research behind each idea. As the designer, I find satisfaction in the fact that every asset has an intention and a purpose to the identity.

Jakob Florio