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Pencil and Pastel Drawings

Pencil and Pastel Drawings

Christianna Osborn
January 16, 2019
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This project was created to portray human life in various forms. The subjects and subject matter are not the same, however they all express beautiful humans and the human figure. They were created with sketching, followed by more and more detailed expression.

I came up with the idea by realizing that the greatest piece of artwork is the human body. Although I could never replicate its beauty and demeanor completely, I think there is great value in trying to replicate it at all. The only materials that I used were paper, pastel, and pencil.

I started out by choosing a picture or statue that I wanted to recreate. I would sketch out the basic form by looking at the object, and then I got more and more detailed, the further along I got. I simply used different weights of pencils, pastels, a kneaded eraser, and high quality paper.

I have had artists and non-artists express interest in the project. Some thought that the naked body was too explicit, but most responded that they were impressed and thought they were beautiful and realistic. I got comments that people believed the artwork must have been very time consuming and difficult. It was time consuming, but I learned that I really enjoy drawing, and it doesn't feel like a chore to me. It is very enjoyable.

Christianna Osborn

I am quirky. I am creative. I am adventurous. I am passionate.
I am a third year graphic design student.

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