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Penta Walls Panels by Gevorg Balyan

Penta Walls Panels by Gevorg Balyan

Honey Adraque
July 17, 2015
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Wood furniture and wooden wall panelling are modern interior design trends that create eco friendly room decor and impressive wall design. Natural wood is a unique versatile natural material, which adds beautiful color and texture, making stylish interior design feel comfortable and inviting. Panels resemble a pentagon (PENTA) from which they came and the name, it has the shape of squares designed two types of panels of wooden and stone with the panels were built as boxes and secured to studs through the drywall.

The panels were designed to have different depths and stains, and lighting was added to create additional visual interest. The wall comes alive at night, when the lights are softly dimmed and the rich walnut glows.

- Gevorg Balyan






Use of Penta wall panels can reduce construction costs by providing a consistent appearance to the panelled surface without requiring the application of paint or another finishing material. Wall panels may be finished on only one side, if the other side is going to be against a brick or concrete wall, or a comparable structure. Alternately, the panels may, if assembled to an appropriate framework, substitute for having any other kind of wall at all. Holes may be cut or drilled into a wall panel to accommodate electrical outlets and other devices coming out of the wall.

- Gevorg Balyan





About Gevorg Balyan

11Gevorg Balyan is a 20 year old graphic and industrial designer from Yerevan, Armenia. He loves everything that has to do with graphic design, industrial design, packaging, photography as they become a part a him. Also, he enjoy creating brands, logos or taking photos. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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