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Perro Pastel

Perro Pastel

Mariana Viegas Charneca
August 2, 2021

This project was carried out from a work order from "Perro Pastel", an association that protects dogs and cats, they carry out different activities to collect money and help find a home for those pets that do not have one. This time they asked me for the illustration to stamp on T-shirts.
The illustration had to represent his work and his happy spirit. Of course, the illustration should have cats and dogs, but I decided that they are having fun, celebrating with each other.

I always start working by making sketches. I decided that the illustration should have the image of the dog "Vidal", since because of him the group began, but it was not going to be alone but accompanied by other friends. I made three different proposals and sent it for the client to decide the most appropriate. After the illustration was approved, I defined the color palette, it had to be colorful to represent those friends having fun.

The illustration is done in Photoshop and graphic tablet. Before that I scan the image I make in pencil and paper. Then in Photoshop I started painting the characters according to the chosen palette and once I advanced I started with the shadows and details of the illustration.

People have had a positive reaction to the project. I feel that the illustration has a positive message and the shirts were printed super well.

Mariana Viegas Charneca

My name is Mariana Viegas Charneca, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Drawing from a very young age and from there I began to transform what happened so naturally in my profession. I studied Graphic Design. Currently I work combining both disciplines, illustration and design. I attended several illustration workshops, which had a strong influence on the search for my personal style and on the beginning of various participations and exhibitions.
My sources of inspiration are music, nature, books, images, my pets… I really enjoy what I do and I find in each job a new challenge in which to experiment with new techniques to grow personally and professionally.

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