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Personal Brand Identity - Vanessa Andrade Aesthetics

Personal Brand Identity - Vanessa Andrade Aesthetics

Bruno Henris
September 21, 2019

The personal brand Vanessa Andrade is an aesthetic center of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul; with units in the city of Ponta Porã and Dourados. Vanessa is the professional beautician responsible for the office specializing in photo hair removal and skin cleansing. The personality of the brand seeks to represent the essence of the professional where the charisma and passion where the intention to always be willing to help the public about beauty and skin care and well-being.

Proposal: The project consists of redesigning the logo and creating a visual identity; thus creating a logo as soon as the concept is aligned with the purpose and positioning of the brand. Identity aims to create a standard with usage guidelines for use in current and future care units, thus making everything clear and consistent; facilitating communication.

Creation: For the logo redesign was a long research where the initial base was to create a logo that visually represents the personality of the brand; Thus the strategic design methodology was applied where each element of the logo has a strategic and differentiation role to fulfill. The first step was to develop the concept of the logo aligned with the purpose of the brand and in this sense we come to the concept: "The essence of beauty within everyone's reach." After defining the concept and style of design that represented this personality, prototypes of the logo were developed where signs and typography were tested until reaching the symbolism of flower and hummingbird that refers to essence, beauty, movement and transformation. A minimalist design has been applied to create a logo that is easy to apply and fix to the public. The change also occurred in the main typography with a font with better symmetry next to the sign and more proprietary identity. A wider range of colors was applied to the color palette, thus creating a wider visual universe for brand communication.

The main symbol of the brand was drawn on paper and then vectorized in Illustrator; After fine-tuning and simplifying, the process is to find the perfect typography to give the brand better symmetry. Visual identity is composed of elements that make up the concept that gives rise to the symbol; creating a visual brand universe where colors, shapes and text are aligned with brand positioning.

The project is already being implemented and feedback is being positive; The brand is beginning to take shape in the digital environment, such as social networks and later in the company's visual communication. The public can identify in the brand all the elements and concepts that design seeks to express about the personality of professional Vanessa Andrade and all its purpose.

Bruno Henris

Graphic Designer, Brazilian who specializes in creating visual identities and branding projects. I work in the creative market for nine years, passing through advertising agencies, web design and visual communication. My creation style is a minimalist and functional design; using shapes and colors to symbolize the essence of each brand; I seek to represent the characteristics of the company in a simple and focused way in its target audience, thus creating a unique experience between company and clients.

16 comments on “Personal Brand Identity - Vanessa Andrade Aesthetics”

  1. Estou desenvolvendo uma logotipo para um centro de estética; estava sem inspiração e com certeza este projeto me abriu a mente! ótimo trabalho, minimalista e criativo.

  2. fantastic construction of the sign! a flower, a bird, all in a minimalist way that identifies the brand name! Amazing.

  3. J'ai adoré la marque! montre la personnalité et l'élégance! Ceci est une fonction du design, identifiant le professionnel, ses services et ses valeurs. Félicitations

  4. What an elegant project, I liked it a lot and already saved as a reference in brand design. The concept brings a soul to the project, amazing! Beautiful work.

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