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Personal Branding (Patrick M. Perala)

Personal Branding (Patrick M. Perala)

Patrick Perala
August 3, 2017
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I have never been one for making logos or branding, so to expand my skills I gave myself the challenge of creating a personal branding project for myself. It turned out being very fun, and I learned a lot of new stuff withing Adobe Illustrator and became more familiar with the software. It ended up being about a 7 hour porccess. It was well worth it, and I will be using this as my digital identity for years to come.

I really wanted a slim and flat professional design for the whole project. So when it came to rough drafts, this design with the 4 lines I thought looked the most creative and fit what I was looking for. I did the entire project in Adobe illustrator and Photoshop. The logo itself was done in Illustrator, while the colors and construction of the project was all done in Photoshop. The colors actually have a meaning to them, I carefully selected a dark grey and a light grey to be my black and white. So when it came to the main color, I wanted it to have meaning. The tan symbolizes where I came from (Milwaukee WI.) as well as what color you tend to see in my work. It mixed well with the other two colors, and also had the same general color as my newest/biggest client in the FIU colors.

I used Illustrator and Photoshop. The process took about 7 hours digitally and 3 hours mentally. After recreating my idea in Illustrator, It was then a breeze just reconverting it into Photoshop and selecting my colors etc. First things I did after maming the logo, was find the colors I was going to use, then I setup the documents that I was going to finish the project on. This included Banners, Profile Pics, Color pallets, and logo breakdowns.

People actually responded well, I got a lot of feedback from it on Behance and as well as Instagram. Reading through the comments, it was mostly all the same. People usually said "Its very clean". Which Im very happy about, because thats what I was going for.

Their will be a second version of this project come 2018.

Patrick Perala

I am a 17 year old Freelance Graphic Designer and Hobbyist sports digital artist based in Charleston SC. I plan to pursue Graphic Design as a career. As I am currently coming out of high school, I seek to attend a college for four years to get my Bachelors in Graphic Design. Currently I am a graphic designer for Florida International University's basketball team (FIU). I hope to someday work for the NBA and or NFL as well as any teams with in it.

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