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Personal Branding v2.0 by Kosta Cemerikic

Personal Branding v2.0 by Kosta Cemerikic

Honey Adraque
April 4, 2016
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The idea behind the project was to further develop Kosta Cemerikic's own professional image, mostly for his online presence. As primarily a freelance logo designer, he felt he should naturally have his own brand that best represents him both professionally and personally.

The v2.0 mark stands for second version of my own branding project that I had initially made in late 2014. It took me a year to test and then rethink some of the core branding specifics such as the K monogram shape itself, color palette and accompanying font choice. The reason why I opted for a monogram in the first place is that people generally remember me by my first name which, unlike Spanish surname, is originally spelled with a K. Any alphabet letter is in fact a highly abstract symbol, which is also something I am continuously specializing in. When treated in a creative way it can suddenly say so much with so little, and that's what I strive to achieve with every design that I create.

- Kosta Cemerikic



I loved seeing so many perfectly executed branding presentations on Behance, it made me realize how important it is to invest extra effort to put the end product in a proper context and perspective. Even when there is more flare than substance - there is still a lesson to be learned there. There is also the storytelling aspect of these presentations which I find captivating. I wanted to keep mine short and to the point, though, just as one of my favorite quotes included in the presentation says: "Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry."

- Kosta Cemerikic


It was in fact pretty intuitive. I did have a very loose idea drafted on a piece of paper but in the end it was quite an improvised approach that led to its final form. Just as in everyday work, I used a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop, importing branding elements from one to another. Strictly technically speaking - from many other beautiful branding presentations by designers around the globe, as mentioned earlier. However, the philosophy behind it is very much personal and reflects a broader spectrum of inspirations and interests, including modern architecture and industrial design.

- Kosta Cemerikic



The main challenge was in making the intuitive approach work. Mainly in terms of balance between showing the spontaneous nature of my work and executing it as close to perfection as possible. The overall layout haven't had any significant change made since day one but very many tweaks of small details were made soon afterwards.

- Kosta Cemerikic


About Kosta Cemerikic

Kosta Cemerikic is a freelance graphic designer from Belgrade, Serbia with a degree in Graphic Engineering and Design, specialized in creating unique modern branding and clear, intuitive UI solutions. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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