Personal Branding

Personal branding is a project where I created my self-identity in visual form replicating my characters into the logo with appropriate colors defining me.Not only limiting to the logo, I also explored the different collaterals which will be used. I made the whole set of stationery, office setup, tags, badges, notepad, stamp mark, tee, wall post, mobile app and laptop app

As a budding Graphic designer, I had a strong urge to create my self-identity which will communicate visually who i am. Also creating self-brand is the most challenging thing because you have to zero down your own attributes exactly same way in which rest of the world sees you. My journey in coming out with concrete output was incredible as i got to interact with people which indeed lead to the selection of that very colors and style.

I used Illustrator, Personally that is my favorite software.
It started with interacting the people through which i got to know about the my characteristics well then combining the common attributes and then zeroing down to three. I made many doodles with lots of exploration in the shape, structure, color, form. Triangle was my inspiration which lead to the further process of development. The curve part in the logo was the refining part which gave the edge to my form. It basically represents the friendly and adjustable nature. I color played as i wanted to keep logo decent yet elegant.

I had received very satisfactory critics and lots of appreciations too. Most of them loved the form and its contour which makes its look more complete. I’m glad that all my efforts came out with flying color and successful self-branding.

Divyani vardhan

I’m 20 year old final year Graphic Design and Visual Communication student in UnitedWorld Institute Of Design. I love exploring new things and and hone my skills to learn more.