Personal Chair

The goal of this project was to create a space where one could relax, do work, or simply escape. At the same time, it was important to have a piece that was aesthetically pleasing and fit into a specific environment.

The main inspiration for the idea was my mother’s lake house. Its main construction component is of natural knotty pine wood. Over the years she has decorated it with furnishings that have teal as the main color. The house is her baby and has been for twenty-eight years. I wanted to create a piece of furniture that would fit right in with this existing house.

I started with basic drawings in a notebook and once the idea was pretty worked out, I transferred the drawings to Adobe Photoshop so I could get a cleaner sketch. Once the sketch was finalized, I then started creating the 3D model of the chair in Autodesk Maya. Once in 3D space, it was easier to make subtle changes here and there to benefit the overall design. After the model was polished, I then brought it into a texturing software called Quixel Suite (a plugin for Photoshop) where I then added materials that suited the design. I used a wood texture for most of the chair components and then added a teal cloth texture to the fabric components.

Overall, people liked the design and the color scheme. I think the major flaw that people found with the project was the sense of scale. At a later date, I would like to take another look at this project to see what I can add or change to help the design further.

Karie Carita

Mesmerized and inspired by Pixar’s creations at a young age, Karie realized her talents as a Digital Designer. Fueled by this inspiration, the Rochester, NY native desires to spread the same fascination to others throughout the globe.

Karie holds a BA in Graphic Design and is undergoing a MA in Visual Communications Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology with a focus in 3D Modeling and Animation. Currently, Karie involves herself in many projects such as 3D modeling and animation, branding, web design, and motion graphics.

Aside from her designs, Karie also enjoys cars, horses, and playing several musical instruments.