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Vladimir Chepushtanov
July 24, 2019
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Without a doubt, our vision of the ordinary and how we interpret and interact with our environments - and all elements of our lives - will change. Every day, familiar objects will be reinvented into something brand-new, adaptive, intercommunicate, alive and variable. In other words, the design of the future is changeable and super intelligent.

The main aim of my Internship at Peugeot Design was to find a revolutionary approach to the interaction between the user and the futuristic vehicle. Which unique features and changes can we see in the vehicle of tomorrow?

Following initial research into the concept of «After Tomorrow», solutions were developed involving the manipulation of the architecture of conceptual vehicles, which included the INTERIOR / EXTERIOR merging.

The main feature of this concept is directly visible changes in the shaping and transformation of volumes during user interaction with the vehicle. We can see how the reshaping of the interior influences on the exterior form and vice-versa.

What do we feel when seeing the Piano? We see the perfect object of Industrial Design because, not only is it a musical instrument, it is poetry. An object which invites us to open the cover and create our symphonies.

However, we can’t fully appreciate the natural beauty of the Piano until the moment it is played. This is when the emotional and visual beauty of the Piano combines through human interaction to create a melody, to create a masterpiece.

At this moment we are witnessing how the human becomes the last element of the symphony.

I started from sketching by BIC pen and drawing a lot of doodles and key-sketches which allow me to understand how I can adopt all of my ideas and introduce my vision of object in the real world. After that, I was drawing renders on Graphic Tablet Wacom and did some digital sketches. On the morrow of this, I started to do 3d-model at Alias Design studio and 3dsmax.

I've got some good feedback and some criticism feedbacks because this object is very advanced and it's normal when viewer experiencing conflicting feelings. But overall this Internship Project was taken a lot nice and interesting opinion from different persons form Automotive Industry.

Vladimir Chepushtanov

Hello everyone!

My name is Vladimir and I'm from Russia, Yekaterinburg city. Currently I study at Master Degree of Industrial Design at The Ural University of Architecture and Arts and I'm a student of the 2nd year. I have graduated my first degree at The Ural Fedearal University in direction of Industrial Design and I have fihished this precess with honors. I have participated in Internship Program in direction of Automotive Exterior Design at PEUGEOT Design Center based in Paris. Also I won the SPD SketchFighter 2016 and I was included in the list of Finalists of the TOYOTA LOGISTIC DESIGN COMPETITION 2016.

First of all Creativity is most important thing in my daily life. I really love automotive, cosmic and aero designs there always inspire me. Probably it's my favorite passion. Moreover I love hand-sketching and I prefer ballpen tool or color pencils. As well as being I like digital sketching on tablet tool.


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