Phido by HATCH

Phido is a online survey app that helps improving the work environment. It’s quite common that there is a gap in communication between management and employees. Like a barrier that it’s hard to get through due to the company’s role division. Phido tries to eliminate this gap by giving employees a voice and a stronger position when it comes to discuss possible ways to improve the working environment and conditions.

HATCH approached Mobi Lab to improve the user experience of their online survey tool Phido. Most online surveys are done via email, which is a bit of a hassle since these kind of emails tend to be unnoticed. So the main goal was to improve the user experience to obtain a better engagement into this kind of surveys.

Thanks to Phido, the management can program a list of questions which will arrive to the employees via smartphone. They will receive a notification with every new question, and they will also see if there is any question left to answer. Answering is very easy, they can give a comment and/or a photo.
Questions could be something like: “what’s your favorite spot at the office?” or “what inspires you at work?”. Each question is accompanied of an illustration to guide the employees.
The process is very simple. The selected employees will receive an email with the instructions and link to download the app. Once the app is installed on their phones, they will proceed to onboarding process, which is really easy.
Mobi Lab put a big emphasis in making the answering flow as fast and smooth as possible.

The client was pretty satisfied with the whole result since it really serves the core of the project. It increases the participation in this kind of surveys and the most important, it helps companies create a better working environment and better relationships within the company. This translates into better performance also.

Andres Gallardo

my name is Andrés and I work for a mobile design and development studio. Besides that, photography and modern art in general are among my main passions.