Phoenix Suns / Kid N’ Play Mashup

For this Project, I chose to draw the Phoenix Suns players, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton as rappers/actors Kid N Play. I found an iconic picture of Kid N’ Play as a photo reference to base my illustration on. I also found two pictures of Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton to make sure that I get their facial features right. I drew the mashup in Adobe Draw and I used a Apple Pencil.

I’ve been drawing mashups for a little while now. I started doing them because I thought that it would be fun to combine two things or two people that I like. I chose the colors from the retro Phoenix Suns emblem for the color for the background and for Deandre Ayton’s shirt and my artist logo.

I used the mobile app, Adobe draw with an Apple Pencil on my 12.9 size iPad Pro. I do all my drawings in Adobe Draw now. Before I bought my iPad, I would draw with paper and pen, and then scan my drawings into my computer to vectorize them in Adobe Illustrator.

People responded very positively on Instagram. A lot of my followers thought that it was really funny. Someday, I hope Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton will come across this illustration, I think that they would get a kick out of it.

Instagram: @midnightrun54
Art by Brit Sigh
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Brit Sigh

Illustrator & Graphic Designer/ As you can see, I really enjoy illustrating icons from pop culture and sports icons. But I am really passionate about making art for change, to protest, and to shine a light on social issues. Although, I am not limited to only these 3 kinds of illustrations – I’ve done a number of eclectic projects for a variety of clients. So if you see something you like here, feel free to contact me regarding commission work.

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