Photography and Pop Culture

This is a project where I combine two of my passions: Photography and Design. In this case, I wanted to take pictures and make a pop culture view out of it. This are a few pictures of the many I have been working on, hopefully I will be adding them as soon as possible.

The idea came up to me a very long time ago actually, well a part of it. Every time I went outside I took pictures in a very particular way, mostly in an minimalist, abstract and/or symmetrical perspective (but all of that was subconsciously). Without realizing it I was already starting on this project. About a year ago, I got my first semi-professional camera which I thought it would help me improve my pictures and after a few classes and a lot practice it did.
I started taking long walks looking for something to photograph, only this time I would apply different composition techniques I learned and combine them with my own photographic style (as I said before). Then I found very interesting to make my pictures much more vivid and that’s when I decided that Pop-Art was a nice touch. So I did some retouch and added saturated colors that contrasted with the elements involved to create the view they got.

My artwork mostly comes from pictures that I took on several places around the world with my phone camera (also different phones) and my Nikon D3300. Then I would spend hours doing some retouch in Photoshop (exploring different paths to create that pop-view effect) changing it’s colors, contrast, etc.

So far people have respond very good to it, they have given me really positive comments and they pretty much liked it.
I learned that doing things that you are passionate for can take you to explore new and exciting ways to get to know your potential to create great things.

instagram: @alejandropenal
email: [email protected]

Alejandro Peña

Advertising student focused on Art-Direction with passion towards photography and design, always looking for new project’s to create.

Instagram: @alejandropenal
email: [email protected]