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Photography by Bruno

Photography by Bruno

Bruno Nogueira
May 16, 2018
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It's always a challenge to capture the exact moment that will grab the viewer's attention, deliver your message and bring him into the scene. That's what I like the most about photography, every click is unique just like an instant.

I collected my photos that I like the most in the past years, some of then are professional, some are from trips or some are from moments when I had the camera in hands.I like to shoot animals, architecture, nature and landscapes.

I have a Canon along with 2 lens (18-55mm and 75-300mm) and like to use Adobe Lightroom to give my photos that professional look after the editing. Sometimes I also use the Adobe Photoshop for little adjustments like remove something of the photo.

Photography is a beutiful and complex art that needs a lot of study and dedication, so I consider myself a beginner but after this collection I see changes from the past and every compliment or advice received always keep me motivated to learn and improve my tecnics.

Bruno Nogueira

Hello! I'm Bruno, 22, Brazilian and graduated in Advertising from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (2016) and currently working as Graphic Designer and Photographer at OneMarket, where I have direct contact with the healthy and inclusive food market.
There I had the opportunity to acquire great knowledge and work directly with Design for Marketing, Branding, Inbound Marketing and Advertising as a whole.
I believe that with dedication and focus we can achieve what we want. Passionate about the world of advertising and design, and venturing behind the lens of my Canon.

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