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PIK Pavilion

PIK Pavilion

Masterskaya Be
November 16, 2018
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Masterskaya Be is a young growing architecture practise based in Moscow, Russia. Our team was chosen in the competition for a design of summer pavilion 2018. During summer pavilion was located in the four different locations, across Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Developing the concept of the summer pavilion far a large development company 'PIK', we were faced with the taskof complying with the design code held by the aesthetic features of the company, as well as creating a bright point of attraction for a large number of people at the main parks in Moscow and St. Petersburg. To solve this problem, we used dichroic glass film. In combination with the minimalist snow-white space of the entire summer pavilion, the glass facades with film became a bright accent and a photo-spot for pavilion visitors.

During whole summer the pavilion was mounted and dismounted four times, to move from one location to another. It usually took us four-five days to build the pavilion on the new spot. Its made of the steel frame, finished with the steel panels.

On the entrance to the pavilion there was a people counter device installed, which showed the numbers - around 4000 - 5000 people a day during the week and 9000 - 10000 people during weekends. The thing is that the interior was a relaxing place with lots of flowers and meditative music and video. This was a place to calm down in a crowded park. The pavilion became an attraction point for park visitors mainly because of dichroic glass film.

Masterskaya Be

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