Pip 02

Pip 02 is a compact coffee table from the Pip* furniture series, which means furniture designed for children and the use of hypoallergenic materials in the form of polyester resin and linen.

Pip* – simple and safe furniture for use by children from hypoallergenic materials.

The main message in shaping is modern trends in the field of furniture design as well as their inherent manufacturing materials.
The color scheme is supposed to be pastel tones by and large neutral but in turn gentle and close to natural.

The concept was originally invented after I saw furniture with sharp corners in my friend’s nursery. I was surprised by such carelessness among furniture manufacturers, after which simple sketches were made on paper to clarify the details. Then everything was digitized using solid modeling and images were created.

The reaction to this project was the remark of my colleagues that the table looks good, which was the main task in developing the table magazine.
Discussing the project with people who have children, they praised the safe materials and the lack of sharp corners in the furniture.