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Pipas Volare_

Pipas Volare_

Marco Arroyo
September 5, 2019
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_Development of a line of ecofriendly packaging of gourmet pipes, which represents a distancing from the factory standards.
Ergonomic appearance, package convenience and brand communication will be taken into account. In addition, a primary objective is to offer an unboxing experience that revalue the product.

CONCEPT IDEA_Graphic Design_
_The various gray tones of sunflower seeds, as well as their characteristic shape, inspired a relationship ... with a feather! If I have to connect pipes with different plumages depending on the type of pipe... I have 9,721 bird species to choose from! (and this is easy for a creative mind like mine).

_To maintain the initial idea concept "birds", it was decided to create an ecofriendly packaging based on a geometric abstraction of a bird dispenser.

CONCEPT ART_Illustration_
_My main objective is to find bird species easily identifiable by consumers, taking advantage of aspects such as the cultural context. In addition, each bird will be related to a flavor (to make a differentiation through design) by the color of its plumage or some physiognomic characteristic

_The illustrations (parrot, flamingo, toucan, kiwi, owl) were made with wacom intuos in Adobe Photoshop.
_Pipe assemblies are created by hand, using photoshop only to retouch "tone / saturation" and "brightness / contrast".

_Unboxing experience! _
1 / Upper compartment_Space destined to throw the shells of the pipes and avoid soil fouling.
2 / Lower compartment_It presents an optimized opening for pipes.

_This project managed to change the buying mentality of consumers, causing them to see a generic product as a gourmet product by the product brand communication. In addition, another remarkable aspect was to get people to understand the relationship "pipes - birds", and recognize each bird without hesitation.

_This work is part of my TFG (Final Degree Project) to obtain the degree in Graphic Design at ESI / Higher School of Design in Valladolid. You can check the project out on my Behance's profile (link in Bio).

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