Dawn New mural on the still uninhabited territory of Sevcable Port to PresentPerfecFestival. The work is on the eastern facade and catches the most beautiful light in the morning. « Рассвет» Новый мурал на ещё необжитой территории «Севкабель Порта» к PresentPerfecFestival. Работа находится на восточном фасаде и самый

After their architecture’s studies, start to observe and work with an abstract aesthetic, that moves inside the industrial sites and it’s made of light, shades and environment’s shapes. The duo in his art research applies the approach of maximising engagement with the space and the local surroundings, by working with the lines of the structures, so through the atmosphere that the resulting opera creates, the observer is immersed in his personal feelings and get a first-hand experience of the interaction.

Mural was painted on a facade 25 meters high and has become the largest for us in recent times. There are special nuances when transferring graphics to this format and how it affects the viewer. We painted with spray paint combining it with front and large fillings from an industrial spray gun. Work on the lift is inspiring, as you can review the work from a different angle.

People really liked how the work interacts with the surrounding landscape of Wokurg. Creating a unique atmosphere. For ourselves, we realized the importance of working with scale. He is able to evoke a variety of emotions in people and make you feel something inaccessible.

Юрий Зеленский

ZTWINS is a duo of twin brothers from Russia.
Our creativity started from graffiti in 2007. Later, when we studied architecture at the
university, we were imbued with the aesthetic and started seeking for ourselves in abstract
graphic arts. Industrial sites with their design, play of light and shade, the scale, and color are
the sources of our creativity. That is the perfect match for the urban environment.