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Piquant - A Corporate Lunchbox

Piquant - A Corporate Lunchbox

Piyushi Patni
October 18, 2018
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The lunch box is an everyday object in Indian corporate life. In this project, the objective was to come up with skin design (color, material, finish) options for lunch boxes. This was done after a thorough study of mega-trends , market study and Indian eating habits. The Piquant lunch box isn’t just about the looks, it comes well equipped with features which include material aspects, multi-functionality, modular design and ease of use. A salient advantage of the product is that you can carry a layer of the box separately or stack them as per your requirement.

A lunch box is an everyday object that has had a constant growth over time. Here, we have specifically chosen the corporate audience as our target users, to offer varied options to the Indian market.

We started off by studying various forms of lunch boxes existing in the market. A thorough market research and study of Indian eating habits was conducted to understand the direction of our project in depth. This led us to come up with the shape of the containers i.e. a square with filleted edges for maximum packing efficiency as compared to the standard circular "Dabbas" in India. We integrated form with function to cater to the daily habits of India corporate audience.

Factors such as box size, capacity, stackability, Layered design for convenience of carrying an individual box when required, choice of material : steel as the main material (as the food is in contact with inner walls of the container as steel is a healthier option). The exterior material is polypropylene.

The main objective was fit the design in the corporate environment. The color palette chosen from the mood board. We created three outputs with respect to the different user contexts. For instance the copper dented finish was applied to give and essence of Indian heritage , the pastel color combination was created for a youthful market or for people with colorful taste yet fits in the working environment and metallic finishes to suit the classy vibe of the corporates.

The main soft wares used for creating this project were: SolidWorks, KeyShot, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Once the design was finalized . the CAD model was made on SolidWorks with appropriate dimensions and proportions, then translated into KeyShot for rendering. Final touches were given on Photoshop and Illustrator.

The concept was well accepted by the intended audience. Also, it was appreciated by our colleagues.

The major learning that we take back from this project would be how to create a color balance, material and finish in terms of the environment/context that this product is going to be used in.
Also, how important it is to understand the market trends.

Piyushi Patni

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