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Hermann Kamte
June 5, 2018
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“Emotion is The Most Powerful Weapon in Architecture and Architecture is the best way to reveal emotion”.
PIXA is a flexible and modular tool or structure which can be easily assembled to create a tiny, large and largest structure by replication using a single unit. The Interior space of the steel structure is defined by two abstract natural elements “light and shades”.

Today we are talking about sustainable cities, smart designs knowing that this include using all the scientific and technological progress accumulate by our entire humanity since three millennia. Let’s deeply explore Emotion which is related to Technology Sensitivity and tell why it Call us first as a Human and as an Architect.
Emotion is deeply complex because talking about urbanization and cities is talking about how people. Remember, Cities only exist because of people and human reign, when We talk about city; We talk about Human, Humanity and all its system non-limited to architecture or Urbanism because is a philosopher, a thinker.
Human is in the center of Architectural research and planned its future it is analyze it both faces: Man in its community interaction with other and a man in its individual will or desire. I can resume by a smart city is the sum of each person and its daily routine (jobs, facilities, Healthy, transportation, etc.) and feeling (emotions, hobbies, lifestyles, wish, dream, etc.).

Today modern tools and technology device helps us to collect all these data base easily for a quick analysis. Cities are growing faster and several methods which were innovative for the previous decade are obsolete today. It is impossible to deny, technology device are welcome for the shaping of our future.
With PIXA, The intervention is a light touch of design with the aim to explain in just only its composition, architectural gesture and its movement how much lifestyle has been enhance with technology involve. We want to seduce and capture the public with the Magnum Opus, with the best part of this idea and research.
That way, proposed a temporary Architectural and design structure made in combination of materials. The Light structure will held a masterpiece of technology contribution as technical as attraction: Virtual reality headset where people will also explore the world in; the past; the present and the future.

The design is an experiment of light behaviour in space. The Organic Pixa sunbrella Fabric is the result of superposition between a translucent and opaque ripped common fabric.
The modular Pixa fabric is the cover of the recycled steel structure. Not only used as a cover, the fabric is also defining a spatial disposal for each module, this is the flexibility and the plasticity of the proposed design.
The light steel structure is the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces by creating semi-open and semi-closed spaces, while filter light and reinforced the presence of organic shadow on the ground.
The triangular module system has been choosing because of its flexibility and plasticity. By this way, the proposed configuration can show, the modularity of the model is infinite. The matrix is a simple example of the field of possibility.
At night, the coloured opaque fabric gives the structure a wonderful aspect by illumination, .LED Lighting is connected along the steel Pipes to design and highlight the occupied space.

Hermann Kamte

Hermann Kamte is an award-winning Cameroonian Architect and the Creative Director at HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates. He is the Chairman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at HKA.

Hermann is recognized as a young talent of the Contemporary and African Architecture through major conceptual and theoretical projects. ‘Lagos’s Wooden Tower | Abebe Court Tower, Lagos – Nigeria’, his famous project, enjoyed a series of international Awards and Famous Media coverage such as ‘The Architectural Review’ ‘Business Day’ and ‘Financial Times’.

In 2016, Hermann earned his Master’s Degree In Architecture with « Distinction » at the prestigious EAMAU (École Africaine des Métiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme).

Born on February 20, 1992 in Yaounde, Cameroon, Hermann Kamte started his higher education at the University of Ngaoundere in 2010 after his G.C.E.A-Levels where he started Physical Science Faculty. In 2011, he joined the prestigious EAMAU (École Africaine des Métiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme) to pursue a course in Architecture. After graduating in July 2016, Hermann decided to break off with the monotony of the practice of Architecture at the local level, thus opening to the dialogue of Architecture on the international level. Then, HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates emerged as a solid pole of reflection both in theoretical and practical.

With great passion, Hermann explores the field multidisciplinary and transversally to meet the challenges of modern and contemporary architecture. With a philosophical look, he thinks that the sensitivity and complexity of an Architectural project most times breaks the boundaries between Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design or Furniture Design which comes from the interconnection and interaction between these disciplines.

As a student, he was rewarded in several competitions with the notable being: Finalist (Jacques Rougerie Competition 2014), Finalist (David Salisbury Competition 2014), and Finalist (DIA Summer Pavilion 2014).

Since graduation in 2016, Hermann Kamte, through his creative projects, has received series of international awards and rewards with a focus on Sustainable Development, Cultural Identity and Technology integrating modern design tools into his creative process.

Hermann Kamte is The Winner of several international awards including but not limited to: Winner of the Inaugural WAFX Prize 2017 (1st Prize Cultural Identity), known as the world’s most forward-looking concept at the World Architecture Festival 2017. Winner Of the American Prize of Architecture 2017 (Gold in Architectural Design/Green architecture). Winner at the Rethinking The Future Awards 2017, Bronze A’Design Awards 2017. Winner at the WA Awards 2017. Finalist at MIPIM/AR Future Project Award 2018. Finalist at the Plan Awards 2018.

Hermann has taken part in several collective exhibitions across the world (United Kingdom, China, India, Italia, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Togo, Albania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Australia.), with the most prestigious one being exhibiting the research project ‘Lagos’s Wooden Tower’ in London (UK) at Roca London Gallery under the theme: ‘Timber Rising: Vertical Visions for the Cities of Tomorrow.” He is tagged as one of the new generation Architect pioneering in wooden Structure.

In 2017, with his project ‘Lagos’s Wooden Tower’ tagged as the first Proposed Tall Timber in Africa, Hermann attended and exhibited as the only project representing Africa on the map during the Tall Timber Workshop in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane). The event was held by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) under the theme; ‘Connecting The City; People, Density & infrastructure’. Hermann has also been featured on the CTBUH Journal 2017 Issue II named ‘Tall Buildings in Numbers,’ report, ‘Tall Timber: A Global Audit,’

With Other Notable project such as ‘The Forgotten – Dead or Alive’ or ‘Native Skyscraper’; Hermann Kamte has been featured on several International media including but not limited to: The Architectural Review, Financial Times, CNN, Business Day, CTBUH, Afrique Magazine, Australian Timber Magazine, African Design Magazine, Design Indaba, etc.

Hermann is also known for his growing contributions on the practice of Architecture through interviews and featuring. In 2017, Hermann gave an interview for the ‘UK Financial Times’ about ‘Towering Timbers’ at the opening of the World Architecture Festival 2017. Earlier than that, he spoke with ‘Design Build review’ about ‘Lagos’s Wooden Tower’. In 2018, gave an interview for ‘Metsa Wood’ about ‘Hermann Kamte’s wooden Ambition’, another has been done for the ‘UK Financial Times’ talking about ‘Age of engineered timber’ for Nigeria Report. Other great appearance consist of an interview for ‘African design Magazine’ in preparation for ‘Architecture ZA 2018/AZA18’ and another for ‘Business Day’ under the title: ‘Architects Explore Adaptive Cities.’

Hermann delivered a keynote talk at Architecture ZA 2018, The National Conference of Architecture organized by South African Institute of Architect, University of Pretoria and Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria under the Theme: ‘We The City: Memory and Resilience.’
He is a guest lecturer at the University of Lagos (Faculty of Environmental Science) during the 2018 International Conference Under the theme: ‘Africa Smart City Agenda’.

Hermann Kamte was an International Judge for the PPC Imaginarium Awards 2018, known as the most prestigious student prize in Southern Africa, alongside Enrique Browne, Maria Fernanda Derntl, Nadia Tromp and Heidi Boulanger (van Eeden). The prize was held by Pretoria Portland Cement Company.

As selected Author during the ‘Lafarge Holcim Awards 2017’, Hermann was invited and is expected to deliver speech and to attend the 2018 LafargeHolcim Next Generation Awards Lab in Mexico hosted by the Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) and LafargeHolcim Foundation under the theme: ‘Sustainable Construction’.

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