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Pizza & Souvlaki Co

Pizza & Souvlaki Co

Charlotte Fosdike
August 24, 2017
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Set in a quaint New South Wales country town, Pizza & Souvlaki Co is a gourmet takeaway restaurant with a passion for fresh, homely cuisine with an infusion of Greek and Italian flavours. The brief was to encapsulate the essence of the two cultures using earthy yet modern branding solutions. A pattern incorporating this essence was developed, and together with a delicate mix of bold and soft typography, natural papers and a Mediterranean colour palette, the story of the Pizza & Souvlaki Co brand was realised.

The idea was about creating a visual infusion of the two cultures. The beautiful patterns that are found on tiles and fabrics throughout both countries are what inspired me for this project. The stationery also incorporates natural, recycled paper stocks which was used to signify the warm, earthiness of the restaurant, and the cream paper stocks were used to illustrate the doughs made in-house for their pizzas and pita breads.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

I started by designing the logo using the triangle shapes within the A and V, these illustrating pizza and souvlaki shapes. Once the logo had been developed and approved, I decided upon a colour palette, typographic style and developed the pattern designs, one by one. As all the elements came together, the full brand concept came to life.

The client was thrilled with the final result of the brand and designs right from the get-go. It was like a dream job, one where I was able to take full ownership over the entire project. I learned a lot about pattern design, and really enjoyed creating and experimenting my own collection of unique patterns.

Charlotte Fosdike

Internationally renowned creative director Charlotte Fosdike delivers work of distinct style imbued with passion and enthusiasm. Originally from Australia, now based in the UK, Charlotte works her unique craftsmanship on projects from around the world, producing designs that are regarded as both compelling and timeless. Notable aspects of her work include an emphasis on highly professional execution, interactive client-focused strategy, and a passion for exceptionally crafted typography. Her distinctive approach, combined with her ceaseless inspiration and creativity, leads to a continual endeavour to create brands that are enduring, personalised, ideas driven and aesthetically beautiful.

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