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Planetarium Project

Planetarium Project

Bary Sevi
January 3, 2018
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In this project, I decided to illustrate space, planets, and comets things I have never seen, things that stimulate my creativity and influence me to design in a different way. A challenge for every designer. To let his Imagination is running wild. Because sometimes we see things that others don't.

The Idea of Things I have never seen is the concept that stimulated my brain into this creative project and therefore I have experimented with gradient colors and shades into a 3D aesthetics in order to give a more spacey vibe and a more abstract aesthetics into the objects of illustration.

From sketch to Adobe Illustrator was the main process of this project.
Sketching simple shapes and trying out shades of grey on my pencil I tried to figure out which would be the best way to visualize static change in the color texture of my design. From sketchbook to the Adobe Illustrator software I transformed my pencil shapes into 2d vector illustrations.

Many people in the Behance community found this project innovative and eye-catching. You can see for yourselves in the comment area.
The gradient aesthetics is a very new age thing and it is often used as a technique to deliver something visually in the context of dreams, space, new, innovative elements.

Bary Sevi

I am a freelance illustrator & Art director born in Skg Greece and currently living in beautiful Uk, Bath.

Focused on illustration and design for brands I always try to keep a high-quality approach on all of my projects through creative and innovative ideas.

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