Plant Lamp

Mug, coaster, folders or books, Post-it notes, pen and stationeries. This is the view of most people’s table. Hustle and bustle, stressful and dull. Here’s a desktop pot plant that can let you forget all the troubles. No, it’s not the Weed. It’s the plant lamp.

Combining desk lamps and pot plants, we designed three different types of plant lamps for our clients. In order to remove the plants from the base, we made a cylinder holder which can contain the pot and can be lift up for changing. We chose orange, light blue and mint to give the lamp a fresh feeling and lively atmosphere.

We designed the base of the lamp in the shape of a seed and extended the neck upward like a sprout. Leaf-like head not only gives light to the user but also provides the sun shine the plant needs at the same time. Bright colours and lively figure create a lighthearted atmosphere that eases the users’ mood during the break of studying or working.

The design and the model we made satisfied our client. In this project, we have developed new techniques in model making. Since the plants need to be watered, we had to make sure the electronics will not be affected by the water.

Odiist Design

We provide services with expertise and exchange techniques to grow with all industries.

Founded in 2012, ODIIST is an industrial design firm with passionate team and designers devoted to problem solving. Our professional services span across many domains from appliances to industry equipment development.

We have and will continue to serve many clients from inventors to research institutions. ODIIST is capable of implementing all necessary steps in product development from planning integration, product appearance, mechanism design, prototype modeling to mass production. We ensure consistent quality throughout the process. 

A good design organ consists professionals and experts. ODIIST has personnel take in charge of planning, appearance, mechanism, prototyping and mass production arrangement.