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Plant of Soletanche Bachy Cimas | Colombia

Plant of Soletanche Bachy Cimas | Colombia

Juan sebastian sanchez soto
January 29, 2018
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This project was inspired by the architect stefany she's professional in soletanche bachy cimas. This project's all functional for process in concrete. The delivery time of the project was very short but our creativity was bigger than the need. El proyecto fue solicitado en mayo del 2017 y la entrega era para el 13 de junio.

Based on the savannah of Bogota, the climate that is about 14 degrees celcius, I decided to give an environmental occlusion of cold weather, so I managed to give a blue tone characteristic of the Bogota landscape.
the environment was important to do the same as the drone photos as it was necessary for the image to fit in the real environment.

the speciality software use was important, because's it is project special, the firts was Austodesk Maya to modelling the machine design, the second was Autodesk 3D studio max for assembly the scene so export in extension .dae, the rendering in Lumion 3D for do it easy.

the client liked the result of the render a lot because it was what his bosses wanted, the delivery of the work was on time and that pleased him even more, the quality of the work was what they expected.

juan sebastian sanchez soto

Technologist in Industrial Design, with leadership capacity and participation for the performance in the areas of organic modeling of characters, creation of high quality textures, pipe design, mechanical and architectural design in which I develop and even under pressure, I count on the ability to generate efficient solutions to the problems raised based on the experience acquired in the open field of the CGI.

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