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Play Cabinet

Play Cabinet

Nelson de Araújo
November 12, 2018
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The Play Cabinet was created within the Week 32 of the CMF challenge of Render Weely’s Instagram account, which was to develop a product render with only the colours from the given palette. The purpose of the Play Cabinet was to give another perspective on furniture design, with a playful and colourful piece of furniture.

The design of the Play Cabinet went through several stages in the sketching process before its final shape. The idea itself for the shape of this cabinet was inspired by the Instagram logo, and the colours were part of the palette given for the CMF challenge.

Observation, question and reflection are the base of the creative process. After this analysis, the sketching process begins and the shape of the piece of furniture starts to come to life. When I’m finally satisfied with this shape, I design the piece of furniture in 3D, and in this process I believe every detail is important, even the smallest details can make a huge difference. Every detail of the Play Cabinet was analysed until it reached the clean and minimalistic shape that defines this piece of furniture.

Since I’ve posted the Play Cabinet project, the feedback has been very positive. After publishing the cabinet on social media, designers I admire liked my project and I received several messages about this project, which gave me a sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

Nelson de Araújo

Nelson de Araujo, a Portuguese designer, discovered his passion for furniture during his Erasmus experience in Italy, which helped develop his curiosity and shape a different perception of furniture design.

As an observer of everything around him and as an ambitious person eager to improve his abilities, he aims to create solutions, combining functionality and shapes, trying to achieve perfection in every detail during the designing process of a piece of furniture.


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One comment on “Play Cabinet”

  1. Great work. I love clean and simple shapes you have here. As well as mid century design feel. One thing I'd also like to see though - additional view with open shelves. Wonder what would that looks like. Cheers! )

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