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Play Gin

Play Gin

Douglas Silva
March 28, 2023
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Play Gin is a London dry Gin aimed at electronic music lovers.

Differentiated from everything else, it has unique characteristics of shine, photoluminescence, and unparalleled minimalism that combine with electronic music in general.

I wanted it to be different from everything else, since the niche itself was quite different. My conception was that the bottle had elements that brought musicality and that it had a photoluminescent feature, highlighting the label even in the dark.

I used Photoshop initially to create the sketches. Once the layout was defined, I began the vectorization process in Illustrator, and finally, the 3D modeling and simulations through Adobe Dimension.

It generates an almost instant enchantment in people, and I have received great compliments for the ideas and innovation that had been planned since the creation of its visual identity, also made by me.

Douglas Silva

My name's Douglas Silva, I'm 33 years old. I love design and music!

I am a brand designer, graduated in Marketing and a graduate student in Organizational Communication.

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