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Play of Light

Play of Light

Ksenia Fionina
October 30, 2019

A little imagination on the subject of lighting at different times of the day and weather conditions.
Somewhere on a plateau in the mountains, there is a small Chalet. A place where you can be alone from time to time, enjoy the scenery of the lake and the forest. This is the place I wanted to dream about and tell in my 3D visualization.

I think to feel the place, you have to go there at different times of the day.
When the fog rises over the water in the morning, in the afternoon the light floods the whole view, in the evening the sunset paints the whole landscape in pink shades, and at night you can watch the stars.

I used 3Ds Max, I like to use brushes to create landscape levels and Forest Pack to create grass. I like to manually select the position of trees and stones and all the details. Scatter the leaves on the water, as if the wind had been here. Pick the appropriate HDRI map to create the sky. I used Corona Render and various post-production settings built into it. I edited the final images in Photoshop, doing layer-by-layer processing and brought each time of day or weather condition to a certain mood that I would like to Express.

For me it was the first experience of going beyond interior design. And I really enjoyed the whole process. I think it's noticeable as a result. It is quite amusing to observe that each viewer chooses for themself the most congenial picture. Someone likes the night landscape more, someone with rain, and someone found a response in himself to the bright view of the day. But most importantly, I hope that I managed to convey the mood of each of the moments.

Ksenia Fionina

Activist and traveler. Collecting impressions from different parts of the world, I share them in my design projects and visualization in 3D.

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