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Play Patrik Singles by Chragi Frei

Play Patrik Singles by Chragi Frei

Honey Adraque
June 3, 2015
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If you're looking for an inspiration of a fun and playful approach in music, then today's feature is just for you. These designs will go deep down in your heart and mind in order for you to truly understand the meaning behind it. Let us take a look and may these designs inspired you to greater things. Enjoy!

Play Patrik is one of my coolest clients. As the name suggests, the guy has a playful approach to his music, always experimenting with different styles and languages while not taking himself to seriously. Working with him has always been good fun and has already involved shooting a postapocalyptic landscape in our fireplace or underwater scenes in a fishtank.

- Chragi Frei

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-24 um 17.50.26

The latest album revolves around the conflict of different inner voices and the resulting difficulty in making decisions (Now i think about it, so does probably every pop song in the world). Well anyhow, I tried to translate this visually into a sort of handbuilt x-ray picture with a brain for reason, a heart for love and a bird creature representing the irrational gut feelings. These three protagonists would serve as single covers while the complete assembly would be reserved for the album artwork.

- Chragi Frei

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-25 um 17.52.05

I got most of the raw materials from my local knitting store (except the cigarettes).The models are built with clay, felt and teddy bear eyes, the skeleton is made from transparent beads. I arranged the whole scene on three glass slabs stacked on top of each other. This prevented the elements from tangling up and shifting while also adding some depth to the photos.

- Chragi Frei

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-25 um 17.52.16

My studiomate Nadine Andrey then took the pictures while I was blowing cigarette smoke in from the side after various tryouts with little smoke bombs didn’t turn out so well. For these slow swirling effects a pack good old cigarettes did the trick much better.
The result was kind of creepy, the album composition giving off a much darker vibe than the singles. But it’s nice to have bit of a counterpoint to the cuteness there. Life is, after all, a tough business.

- Chragi Frei

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-25 um 17.52.30

About Christoph Frei

Chragi Frei is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Berne, Switzerland where he runs a small one-man studio called Chragokyberneticks. Chragi graduated from the Hochschule der Künste Bern in 2004 and has since completed a heap of projects for a great variety of clients ranging from banks and universities to poets and punk rockers. His work centers mostly around illustration and graphic storytelling. He’d like to be better at typography but he just loves the pictures more than the letters. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile or website.

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