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Playful Pastry Packaging

Playful Pastry Packaging

Nadia Hudiana
June 3, 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Quiznos launched their new dessert menu 'Crunches', crunchy almond croquant puff filled with custard cream. We had the privilege to design a playful packaging for this new dessert. The concept of the packaging was inspired by the function of a paper bag - how it leaves excess space as food gets pushed upwards, Our design instead uses the excess space to give the packaging a second form - a new character through folding. This design also improves the usability of the packaging as it avoids the croquant puff from falling back into the bottom of the the bag.

As their customers are mainly millennials and young families, the challenge is to design a packaging that would that would attract both groups of people. The packaging was to be printed on food grade wax paper. To ensure our dynamic and playful packaging design still aligns with their brand identity, we decided to integrate the official Quiznos green, in reference to their brand guideline.

As an interactive structural packaging, there were multiple rounds of experimentation taken to ensure its functionality and sturdiness. There were also several alternate strategies and concepts relating to the folding process before landing to the final chosen concept. Adobe Illustrator was used across all stages of the design process for both the structure of the packaging and its design.

It was a challenge to target two groups of people at once, so we tried to find a similarity area between these groups. As one of the largest groups of social media users in Asia Pacific, we knew that targeting Indonesian millennials requires the packaging design to be unique, attractive, and worth to post. Young families on the other hand come to entertain their children. And a way to attract children is through introducing a character. Therefore we introduced this packaging design that is playful, worth to post on social media, and children friendly.

Nadia Hudiana

Nadia Hudiana is a graphic designer whose work focuses on creating strong branding identity and packaging design. Within her work she aims to make thoughtful designs with boundless creativity. She currently runs a studio called Studio Boundless, serving branding & packaging services for startups and established companies across the globe. Inquiries are welcome to be submitted through her website, where you can also see more of her work.

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