Plus+ Modular Furniture System

Plus+ is a modular furniture system designed to maximise living space in smaller rooms. Aimed at the growing number of people in shared accommodation, Plus+ can be easily assembled and adapted to fit any space then disassembled and taken to the next home.

The system offers multiple configurations allowing any feature to be paired with another. This gives the user full control when creating their personal configuration and multiple styles are available to satisfy individual tastes and match existing room décor.

Plus+ utilises a simple snap together frame that arrives flat packed and is easily constructed. The modular design allows for any configuration to be updated with new features or additional accessories allowing anyone to make the most of their home.

Rising house prices have led to a huge increase in the number of people sharing rented accommodation instead of buying and in most cases the duration spent at each residence is brief.

Plus+ is a low cost, highly functional furniture system that offers users the ability to personalise their living space with multiple configurations and styles available. After selecting an initial configuration, it can be adapted to accommodate the changing needs of the user throughout their life, from one home to the next.

The design is based around a simple snap together frame which requires only a screwdriver for assembly and uses the same components across all configurations to reduce part numbers and the cost of manufacture.

Available in multiple colours, materials and finishes ranging from vivid to subtle tones of felt, three types of wood and three shades for the frame, Plus+ offers endless variations and combinations to satisfy personal tastes and match existing room décor.

Plus+ began with sketching and mock up models to test different layouts and configurations. This led into CAD modelling to fully understand the assembly and to engineer the joints and frame connections.

The next step was to create every possible configuration to insure a resolved outcome for any selected setup. This went through many phases of development, testing and refinement to reach the final Plus+ system.

A study of trends guided the CMF selection for the final visuals which were created in Keyshot and edited in Adobe Photoshop and Aftereffects.

Plus+ gave me an understanding of the important role that a modular approach to design can have throughout the design industry.

The ability to increase the opportunities of a product range and provide multiple options gives the outcome a more personal touch as the user is able to configure the system to satisfy their own style and needs, while reducing part numbers and sharing components will drive the down the cost.

Richard Price

Industrial designer – London, UK