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Ishaan Arora
May 10, 2018
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A wall clock doesn't have to be just another time telling machine. Plut-O breaks the schema of an ordinary wall clock and provides an ever-changing aesthetic backdrop for your empty wall. Instead of having concentric arms to show the time, it has planet-like bodies revolving around on another just like the Moon revolves around the Earth.

I've always been interested in breaking away from the ordinary look and feel of products. A wall clock is one of the most obviously visible product in the living room and is also an important aspect of our life. Plut-O is something which will catch people's attention - it's ever-changing shape and patterns for each second will instill wonder as well as curiosity in their minds.

As the product contains planet-like bodies and movements, a natural material/finish was necessary. This completed the product and gave it a whole new dimension, and a story to tell.

I sketched out a lot of different concepts, keeping nature's influence in mind. Once the design hit me, I quickly figured out the dimensions and made a 3D model on Autodesk Fusion 360. Though making the model was an easy task, explaining how the clock works was a tough one. Therefore, I made animations on Keyshot showing how the second-planet and the minute-planet will revolve and convey the time.

I received a mixed response from my peers. They really appreciated the look and feel of the clock related to the surrounding but took a while to understand how to read the time. Once it was explained that the arm movement is like any ordinary clock an only the pivot of the arms has displaced, it was like a piece of cake.

I'm currently working on the scale prototype of the proposed design and will hopefully complete it soon enough for everyone to see. Thank you for your support!

Ishaan Arora

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