Pocketlight™ by Parin Sanghvi

Designed to go anywhere, Pocketlight is a multi-situation lighting device. The multiple functions work instinctively enhancing the experience and allowing tasks to be completed efficiently.

It can be used as a torch, lantern, desk lamp and ambient light. These features make it a useful light in any situation. Perfect for camping or hiking, emergency breakdowns, power outages or hurricanes; home décor or a simply as a reading lamp. It is designed to meet various needs and eventually improve life of the user. It is more convenient and sustainable than flashlights and it is safer and brighter than kerosene and candles. It uses solar energy as its main power source.

– Parin Sanghvi


The portable solar powered lighting device caters to 3 different types of target groups. 1) For the urban households who want an easy to carry, multifunctional, modern light for their homes, garden, and outdoor activities. 2) For the rural areas around the world who do not have access to electricity or have limited access to electricity. 3) For emergency situations like national and humanitarian disasters, in which it can be used by people or rescue teams and national forces.

– Parin Sanghvi


About 1.6 billion people or 25% of world’s population are still living without electricity. Many of these people use kerosene lamps for lighting. Kerosene lamps are not only expensive; they fail to provide sufficient light and they are dangerous. I hail from India and India happens to be the most deprived country as far as provision of energy is concerned. 306.2 million People in my country are still leading lives without benefiting from this basic utility. Without light, people can’t cook, work, study or receive medical treatment at night. Pocketlight was primarily designed to fulfil the basic need for light. When thinking about how I could design to make a difference, I decided to focus on portability, affordability, and versatility. The idea was to create something very simple and smart, that it is ready to be used for anything, anytime and anywhere. I wanted to design something that everyone must possess, and due to its compactness and ‘Pocketabilty’ each member of the family can own and carry one. The learning curve for the user is very simple, since there is just ‘one push button’ for all the functions.

– Parin Sanghvi


Pocketlight is 4-8 x brighter than kerosene lamps and candles. It uses the most efficient micro-solar panel on the market directly integrated on the casing as its main power source. The lifepo4 battery inside allows up to 2000 full recharges, which is equivalent of more than 5 years of battery if it used and recharge fully every day. Pocketlight can be recharged by using natural or artificial light over a period of 6 hours in the optimum conditions. It has 3 light settings: 100%, 50% and 15% that will give up to 5 – 25 hours of bright light as well as an emergency flashing S.O.S mode. The battery level can be visually viewed at any time.

– Parin Sanghvi

IMG_9182 copie

The light has been designed taking into consideration that it is going to be used by a wide range of people and hence functionality as well as aesthetics was given significant importance. Pocketlight effectively combines modern design and innovative light solution. It has a contemporary feel to it, and the colour options add a playful element on the overall lifestyle product.

– Parin Sanghvi

New generation of task light1

In developing countries Pocketlight will have these positive impact :
• It will improve children’s life by giving them the opportunity to study during evening hours and thus extend the light time by minimum 4 hours a day.
• The amount of toxic fumes from the kerosene lamp will be reduced, that represent for woman and children in a shelter or hut the equivalent of
2 packs of cigarettes a day.
• CO2 emissions will be reduce of about 100-150 kg per year
• Reduced fire hazard indoors
• Increased safety of the user against assaults, rape.
• Through our community projects, support young and local woman entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to develop their own “solar shop” that will create jobs and income.

– Parin Sanghvi


About Parin Sanghvi

Parin Sanghvi is a 23 year old passionate and enthusiastic Product Designer from MIT Institute of Design, India. He has worked with prestigious design studios in India and Europe, getting exposed to and gathering experiences from a wide variety of people belonging to different ethnicities and methodologies. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile.