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Point of Purpose

Point of Purpose

Karl Martin Sætren
May 23, 2019
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Inspired by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Mission co-founder Bård Annweiler shares the true potential of purpose in his new book Point of purpose. This book is for a new kind of brand leadership. It’s for investors, founders, and corporate leaders who understand the importance of “speaking” the brand to everyone they meet, internally and externally, authentically and powerfully. This is achieved through purpose. Learn how to create and implement purpose in your organization. This book shows you how.

Business books tend to look terrible across the board. We wanted to design a book that would appeal to a similar target group; business leaders with a taste for design. We also wanted something that represented us as a design agency and reflected our attention to detail and quality.

Our first plan was to outsource the job to an American design agency that specialise in book design. But that didn't work out. So we started to do a few alternatives ourselves and ended up taking over the design process. Working across a 7 hour time difference also became frustrating, feeling the process did't go forward enough.

Indesign is the obvious choice for designing and setting a book. But finishing it took more than a year from start to end, because of the many re-edit of the content.

We learned a lot since it's the first book we've made. Creating content for a proper business book takes a lot of work and edits to finish. Getting all chapters working on them selves and as a whole, creating a valuable outtake for readers is probably the hardest part. The design of the book was the easy part. Now starts the job of pushing the book out there, getting it know and sold.

Karl Martin Sætren

Design director at Mission

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