Pole Dance

I was always attracted to the beauty of bodies in motion. I am not religious but I believe them are true miracles of nature, perfect and fascinating. That was basically the motivation to photograph Sofia, Argentine national champion in artistic dance pole.

I discovered Sofia through the news, because she went to compete in the world championship of Pole Dance Art in Romania. I proposed to take the photos and she immediately accepted. The photo was taken in the gym where she trains.

I am currently using a Sony Alpha A7 II, and for this session I used the Sony FE 28 mm. I always made the post-editing myself, with Camera Raw and Photoshop, looking for a balance between the realist but with a touch of unreality, fantasy

The response of the people was excellent, this session is visually striking and Sofia, as well as talented, is a very beautiful. It was highly praised the angle of the camera (ground level) and the composition and motion sensation in the photos.

Alejandro Grosse

I am passionate about photography and the visual arts. Although photography is not my main activity, for several years I have spent much of my time exploring and entering more of this fantastic world – Tucumán, Argentina