Polee by Elnur Babayev

Today’s design is about polygonal shapes that are designed for interior wall tiling which is really a unique style for a wall tile. Give yourself a break and take a look at these designs made by Elnur Babayev, an industrial designer from Turkey. Have fun and enjoy!

“Polee” is a polygonal shaped design for interior wall tiling. Different from standard tiling shapes it has triangular endings which fit with its polygonal design and hide/minimize the tiling lines/borders. The shape can be used with any material in accordance with any interior elements/design.

– Elnur Babayev

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About Elnur Babayev

profileElnur Babayev has graduated as an industrial designer in 2005 from Azerbaijan. He has received many local and international design awards, both in industrial and graphic field. Currently, he works as an art director at international advertising agency in Baku/Azerbaijan. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.