Polychrome lamps

Polychrome lamps – it is series of lamps made in Pop minimal style stylistics. Every lamp is individual! Each of them has its own character. Its own story. I was planning to create lamp in a Pop style for a long time. On the beginning of my work I was concentrated about a concept for only one lamp, but after reading more about Pop culture and Endie Warhall I accidently found his words: “ Every time you cry, you could laugh, it’s your choice “. And then I understood that always in culture has to be a choice. This project for me like Marilyn’s portraits for Endie. In the final result, I’ve started my work on four types of lamps made in one stylistics and with same materials: metal, plastic or organic glass. Cone form, in my opinion, universal, beautiful and self-contained. That is why cone became formative for all lamps. Inside framework is individual for every lamp. Different ornament from metal rods emphasizes their individuality and mood.

I was thinking for a long time about the look of this lamps. The main criteria in choosing the shape and design were simplicity, conciseness, beauty. From the beginning, I was thinking about a variant of using patterns, which could be glued over the glass or plastic. But the pattern was too overloading for the general picture and I refused this decision. Instead of color patterns, I started using colored glass and plastic. And the main highlight became the inner metal frame. For every lamp I have chosen a different framework and that what greatly distinguishes them from each other. This decision increased the product segment and gave an opportunity of choice for the client. The different nature of lamps is suitable for any person. I also considered the possibility of changing the equipment. It means everyone can change color and frame at their discretion. You do not need to buy exactly what the designer offers. You can easily choose the frame and the color of the plafond separately. To assume, the assortment includes 4 types of frames and 4 colors of plafonds. As a result, there are 16 lamp versions.

Many tools were used for this project: Autodesk 3ds max, corona render, adobe photoshop, adobe lightroom. With the help of these programs, I could easily realize my idea. Nowadays, almost all designers know a lot of programs. ut for me it is very important to draw sketches and drawings too.

People like it. My friends and family loved it too. It is important to know that you’ve done something worthwhile. Strangers write me an email and say what they like my lamp. Everybody likes its simplicity and brevity. I am very very very pleased.

I am an architect and designer. I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I work in the architectural studio. I love to chat and meet new people. Most of all I appreciate the ideas and freedom.

I’m looking for inspiration every time before creating something. Endy Warhal’s works inspired me to create Polychrome lamps. Pop music, films. It is very important to have pleasure from your work! This tape forced me to start work with bright colors, unnatural lightning, combine together completely different forms and elements. I gave freedom for my fantasy in presentation for this project. And this is cool! )

Ihor Havrylenko

Architect, designer, artist
Kiev, Ukraine