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PORTA CABIN (residential)

PORTA CABIN (residential)

August 16, 2017

It's one of the unique concept that first time launched in Lahore. A complete residential package where no more dead investment and it'd the flexibility to change itself with time and budget. And for the artist, it's a very challenging and crazy task to show itself and their techniques to design such a non-orientable model. And how interesting it is that just like your dress ready to wear... now you'd the opportunity to get your dream house ready to live, and no more wait for its construction.

Well, it just a wild idea and a very challenging and crazy task to make it a practical approach. By seeing the futuristic approach, this idea definitely the concrete solution for all our problems. As land is getting expensive day by day and by expending too much money on land there's another task ahead i.e. it's construction.Both time and budget pressurize the person with time. And one you construct your house it's like a dead load placing on land having no flexibility to change itself with time and requirement.

What is "ARCHITECTURE" in your opinion?
well, architecture is not something a space within four walls, I think for me, architecture is something a non-orientable space, a 6-dimensional space where nature and a human being can gel itself easily by keeping itself in a comfort level.

A space that'd flexibility to change itself with time and requirement and this is what basically architecture means. So "PORTA CABIN" is one window solution for all these problems so now no more wait for construction and no more dead investment on land.

3d max
Adobe Photoshop
In the beginning, it's very exciting task to design such a non-orient able space with all possible practical function that is essential for living. In such small space, it's such a big responsibility to make everything on standards and yet elegant. But at the end, all your efforts come true in a very splendorous result, a dream house where everyone once wish to live.
so now change this concept
ready to wear -ready to live (fusion of fashion and architecture).

Having excellent response from our clients and it's really an honorable thing that people get aware of this new concept and appreciate this concept with very warm wishes. And by this response, people encourage us to think more creatively by forecasting the future.


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