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Post Production

Post Production

Mohamed Samy
July 26, 2017
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post production to visual a Financial Center graduation project

-project mission : to make not only a Financial Center but also a project that respects Investment .

-Design & 3d Modeling and Render By ARC / Ahmed Fadl Galy
-Post production and editing By ARC / Mohamed Samy Adly

project concept
form : the main form is the pyramid that achieve a high level from comfort and positive energy that will helps to redues the high level of tension for employee .

visual:make a deep Search for the right References which i can use in the project and learn from it .
try a lot of color mood to Reach the right one .

I began to design the space by free hand and then began to design on Revit from the division of spaces to the composition of the Financial Center and then was put some touches on the Autocad and used 3dsmax to the make the modeling and the material and used v-ray to render

then in post production i used Photoshop to make editing and made the finall presentation

my professor appreciative of the project a lot and some of the professors and some of the architects of my friends and was impressed by some of the simplicity of land projection and the use of materials in the composition of three dimensions and the final visual and presentation

Mohamed Samy

Architect & Architecture Visualizer ,Study Architectural Engineering , working as Interior Designer and 3d a visualizer artist.

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