Poster | ArtDeco Weekend

Miami Design Preservation League organize annual poster contest for artists all over the World. The winner becomes official artist of the festival and his poster becomes a part of Art Deco Weekend history. The contest for 2016 themed as Art of Architecture and my art won the contest. Now my poster is official art piece for 39th Art Deco Weekend.

I decided to enter the Art Deco Weekend Poster contest because, I wanted to do something for my favorite festival. I wanted to create an advertising poster highlighting the Leonard Horowitz pastel colors and the buildings elements that portray the Art Deco design.

The work begins with a pencil sketch. This step is an important stage when I am creating it neat and understandable. After that step I transfer it into Adobe Illustrator where I work with colors and add the details such as architecture elements.

I spent a huge amount of time signing these posters and after when I was at the Festival I had a lot of comments about my work. A lot of people said that this is the one of the best posters they had in a years. Those posters are collectible and a lot of people just buying it for their collection.

Art Deco Weekend is:
A community festival held on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach that welcomes over 150,000 people every year over the 3-day event.​ A commitment to the Miami Design Preservation League’s mission to preserve, protect & promote historic preservation in the Art Deco District and throughout South Florida through the over 85 educational events held during Art Deco Weekend’s 3-day festival.

That project on Behance:


Sergei Serebrennikov, Miami.
Creative graphic designer and artist, known for its unique work in the style of retro and art Deco. Having extensive experience in advertising, Sergei was digital creates illustrations, posters, etc advertising materials for various companies.
In 2014 Sergei moved to the USA, leaving Russia post of art Director on the TV-channel “Moskva24”, and began work on creative projects.
In 2016, Sergey won the contest of posters for the famous festival “Miami Beach Art Deco Festival”, which takes place on ocean Drive in Miami beach for more than 40 years, and became the official artist of 2016.
Later, he created a series of posters for the wall design Art Deco Welcome Center in Miami beach and a series of works dedicated to famous buildings in Miami beach such as The Bass Museum, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, South Pointe Park and so on. These works were exhibited at his personal exhibition at the Art Deco Museum, 2016 (Miami Beach).
Sergei regularly participates in various festivals, repeatedly included in the short lists of international festivals and exhibitions: shortlist 2015 International Fine Arts Competition by Art Fusion Galleries; Runner-up of open contest «DIGITAL DECADE 2016» (London).